A Short Movie - From the point view of Young Europeans

The European Union, an organization formed of different societies and cultures, and from the very beginning a cultural contract with itself. The culture of Europe, spreading rapidly among young people, taking hold in daily life, causes societies to push their own culture to background. What we expect from Young Europeans is that while forming a common European culture, their own cultural facts, stemming from the heart of life,  a link to their past, and on the verge of disappearing be saved. 
Meeting different countries, cultures and ways of thinking, Young Europeans will expand their horizons. Through this project Young Europeans, who are expected to play an important role in the future developing intercultural dialogue, should do what they can to share cultural facts, and develop policies and strategies for protecting cultural facts. Thus, people involved in this project will be positively affected by experiencing the cultural differences. Participants will grow up as individuals  sensitive towards their families and society; who can solve problems and create solutions; who improve their skills in cooperating with official, civil, and social institutions. 
The other aim of the project is to improve Young Europeans’ social, cultural and organizational potential and skills. In this way, Young Europeans successfully completing the project will be able to adapt to new situations and environments. 
Among cultural diversity, to able to live in peace; Young Europeans will learn to respect personal differences and tolerate different ideas, concepts and cultural facts not just theoretically but practically as well.

Communication, varied and quickened due to rapidly developing technology, connecting people from every part of world at an alarming rate.  Once over the initial shock of seeing how far technology has come we see that commonalities have begun replacing those aspects unique to each culture.  Aren't international organizations trying to protect cultural heritage and tourists showing interest in local products, etc.  indicating that there is something wrong these days?
- To share cultural wealth and facts, some of which are still thriving and some of which are on the verge of extinction.
-To  infuse the behaviour of respecting  personal differences and tolerating different opinions, ideas, concepts, beliefs, and cultural facts to Young Europeans.
-To have the students recognize what they can do in terms of policies and strategies for sharing and protecting cultural facts and wealth.
-To have an idea  about different educational systems and learning techniques. To share experiences. To contribute to raising the level of  educational quality, performance and participation.
-To know thyself, to be able to determine self aims, to be able to improve skills and to be able to use all these for the benefits of thyself and society.
-To improve  planned and organized working abilities of Young Europeans and to ensure permanency in learning; by using visual and auditory means, enriching by students views and contributes, potentially , a short movie will be shot.
-Visual and auditory materials – CD/DVD - a short movie - photos - bulletin boards will be prepared.
-The project will be widened by involving local press.

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